12.12 Sale: Wholesale Price, Simple Discounts, Holiday Deals

by PandaBoo

PandaBoo has displayed a “Wholesales” option on your search result page since long time ago. However most suppliers require you to order minimum 2 or even 10 pieces. We know most of you only need one. So we have selected 10 millions of items which can be ordered with 1 piece.

You get wholesale price by ordering only one item.

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PandaBoo Wholesale

We also bring back simple discounts on SuperMall for 12.12 sale. All discounts are shown on the SuperMall product pages. No fuss, no coupons and no worries. If an item is discounted, You will see immediately how much you save.

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PandaBoo SuperMall

12 to 48 hours delivery

The holiday season will very soon be upon us. Prepare your Christmas celebration and get some stunning gifts for your family and friends.

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