Avengers Fans Assemble! Win Your Cinema Ticket!

by PandaBoo

The long wait is finally over. On April 24th, Avengers End Game hits the cinemas and we couldn’t be more excited. To mark the occassion, we are offering customers who buy Marvel products from our site a chance to WIN the price of their cinema ticket up to ¥150. To enter, simply place an order for any Marvel product on Pandaboo, then take a photo of your Avengers End Game ticket and send it to us. Five Winners will be announced on May 16th and the cost of their ticket will be loaded into their Pandaboo wallet.

You can also find our 12 most popular products here.

Infinity Stone Rubiks Cube

Hold the power to make or break the universe in your hand with this infinity stone style Rubiks cube.

Captain America Night Light

Who better to keep watch over you at night than Captain America himself?

Avengers Pendant Necklace

For when your superhero power is looking fantastic.

Iron Man Chest Piece

Whilst it doesn’t power an iron man suit it’ll look the bees knees on your bookcase.

Avengers Magic Book Light

Open the pages and light up the world of your favourite heroes (and villains).

Iron Man Collectable Figurine

Maybe it’s another prototype for Ant Man?

Captain America Canvas Tote

Ever wanted Steve Rogers to carry your shopping? Now’s your chance!

Captain America Travel Case

Trot the globe with the Captain at your side.

Light Up Iron Man Tee

Whether you’re saving the world or down the club, this light up tee is guarranteed to impress.

Gauntlet Keychain

Control you own small part of the universe with this metal replica infinity gauntlet keychain.

Avengers Bracelet

No special powers here. Or are there?

Collectors Edition Avengers Postcards

Because grandma still likes to know what you’re up to.

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