It’s So HOT! How to Keep Cool!

by PandaBoo

Yikes! It’s hot as Hades out there! According to the Chinese lunar calendar that started on July 17, and ends on August 25 means that we still have 40 more days of hot summer weather to endure! Are you baking away like all the rest of us from the intense summer heat? Do you live in one of China’s top 10 “Furnace Cities”? (See the list of cities at the bottom of the page )

Well, not anymore! It’s time to beat the heat with PandaBoo! They’ll have you chilled out in no time; with some of their cool and exclusive online products.

1. Ice Chest / Drink Coolers


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Staying cool and hydrated is easy with this unique water bottle. It will keep your ice cubes from melting for hours, and your water will stay icy cold. The most unique feature of this water bottle is that it has a misting spray button! So, if you need to cool down in a hurry just touch the button and a quick blast of cool mist will be sprayed.


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The Hyper Chiller will change your life! Get your drinks icy cold in 60 seconds with this unique drink cooling system. When your beverage is poured into the hyper chiller it is surrounded by 2 layers of ice and stainless steel, giving your drink of choice the ability to cool fast in 1 minute.This Chiller can be used with any type of beverage. Try it with juice, wine, beer, or even coffee.


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No one likes a warm drink on a hot day! How would you like a device that can keep your drinks icy cold at a constant temperature all day long until the last drop? If this sounds like you then the Cupcooler Instant is the product for you! It’s easy to set up too! Just plug it in and wait for the cooling plate to do it’s job. Enjoy your next frosty beverage with a Cupcooler Instant today!


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Cooler Boxes are a fantastic way to keep beverages, and food icy cold for hours! If your headed out to the beach for the day, or going on a road trip. Make your day last longer with a Coleman Cooler.Simply fill it with ice or a few frozen ice packs and your all set.

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2. Smart Air Conditioning Power Switch


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You have the power to control, and program the temperature, as well as the timing of when you would like your air conditioner to be on. No need to be at home. Simply, program, and set up everything right from your phone.This smart socket will save you time and money. It can be synced up with any AC brand, and has a built in infrared sensor. Some models like the one featured can even play music. How cool is that!

3. Cool Cooling Accessories


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Originally created for whisky drinkers as an alternative to ice cubes, these chic stainless steel cubes will completely freeze in 1-2 hours. Their cooling power comes from a non-toxic gel encased within the cube. So, if you like a nice cold drink without the taste being watered down by ice this product is for you!


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For all the wine lover’s out there, this product is for you! At first glance you may not know what this is. So, I’m going to tell you! This handy rod keeps your wine nice and cold! Simply fill the rod with water, and freeze over night. When your ready for your glass of wine imple place the frozen rod into the wine bottle, and secure it to the bottle with the rubber stopper, and voila! You can start pouring your wine without having to worry about it getting warm.


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Need to cool down in a hurry? This super cooling towel will do the trick! Whether your hiking, playing a sport, or even working out. All you have to do is wet it, and wring it out.The fabric will do the rest.


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Don’t forget about your furry little pets! They need to keep cool too! This cooling pad works perfect for dogs. Take it in the car for those long road trips, at the beach or even a family BBQ. Your dog will thank you!

4. Cooling Fans


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Powerfull SOLOVE hand held fans are a great choice to keep cool! They’re light weight, compact and reasonably priced. They can be charged using a USB, and come in several stylish colours for you to choose from.


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This isn’t just any typical cooling fan! This product has been uniquely designed to hold ice cubes in a special compartment. It uses the ice to blast out a chilliy stream of cool air along with the air flow. The coolest part about this fan is, it can be used outside! Everyone will be cool and comfortable at your next get together with the AUX cooling fan around.


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Appearances can be deceiving; especially with this unique little fan! At first glance It may look like a standard fan you would normally see on a table or desk but no, this fan does much more then just blow air! This ingenious little fan sits in front of your air conditioner and then sucks up that cool air and pushes it to circulate throughout the room.

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5. Swimming Products


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For the guy who loves to swim laps in the pool, or in the ocean while on vacation this compact swimming kit is for you! Complete with ear plugs, bathing suit, bathing cap, goggles, and its very own storage bag. You’ll be ready to dive into the water whenever you need to cool down.


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Need a new bathing suit? Ladies, you’ll make a splash in this sexy stylish bikini! It features a decorative bottom with side ties, as well as a braided and beaded embelleshed top.


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For those of us that are lucky enough to have a back yard, you can set up an above ground pool. It’s quick, easy and convenient. For those hot days, or nights when you need some relief from the summer heat, or muggy nights, all you have to do is take a dip in your very own private pool.

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6. Ice Cream / Popsicle Maker


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Who says the standard ice cube tray should just make Ice Cubes? Why not think outside the box, and get creative! You can make bite sized fruit juice mini pops! Give your water a fruity boost with a fruit filled cube, or trying putting a flavour cube in your cocktails for an extra bit of flair.


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Everyone loves Ice Cream! Why not make some in a lickety split at home with your very own ice cream maker? It’s fun and easy to do! Make and share some of your delicious creations, or try making a custom flavour that’s as unique as you.

7.Spray – On Sunscreen / Chill Spray


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This packaged duo is a must have for summer! The ultra-light sunscreen is formulated to provide you with UVA & UVB protection from the sun that soaks into your skin fast without leaving behind a greasy feel, and has a nice fresh scent. So go have some fun in the sun! Banana Boat has you covered! The aloe after sun gel works perfect alongside the sunscreen. It can be used to soothe sun burns, or if your skin feels tight and dry from sun exposure simply apply the soothing aloe lotion and your skin with feel hydrated in seconds.


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Evian’s mineral misting facial spray is a great alternative to the hand held fan. It’s compact size makes it easy for you to carry around in your beach bag or purse and the best part is it’s chemical free! The mists microdroplet formula will instantly hydrate and refresh your skin, without messing up your make-up. Instead it will revive your make-up and reset your colours and powders giving you a fresher look. Another benifit of this product is that it will soothe and calm sensitive, and irritated skin.

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The 2017 list of furnaces cities in China are: Nanjing, Changsha, Nanchang, Fuzhou, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Xi’an, Hefei, Nanning

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