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smart home

Smart homes are designed to make our daily routines and lives easier. How would you like to slowly wake up listening to your favourite song, and have the lights in your room, or the bedside lamp gradually turn on for you? Does a warm towel after your morning shower sound inviting? You can program all of your smart devices to turn on at a specified time for your morning rituals.

1. Mi Home APP

Hold your home in the palm of your hands! Simply, with the touch of a button you can control everything from appliances, lighting, motion detection, humidity, and even your thermastat. With the help from the Mi Home App you can customize all your needs, and start making your life’s busy routines easier.

The Mi Home App is a specially designed application that has been created to be used with Mi’s smart line of products. It’s very user friendly and has several different language capabilities including English.The best part about Mi’s App is that it’s set up for their entire product line so you don’t have to download a new app for every single smart device that you purchase. Once you have created an account, and have connected your smart devices it’s simple and easy to use!

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2. Smart Home Products

Mi Home Security Camera 360°

Buy NowFrom:¥210

You’re on a 2 week vacation with your family, and you’ve left a key with the neighbour to pick up your mail whilst your away. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some extra piece of mind and the added benefit of knowing that you could check in on your home at any given time to see if everything is OK? With a smart camera you can do this! In the event that your home is broken into the camera will start recording and send you real time video of what is happening.

Mi Smart Power Plug

Buy NowFrom:¥95

If you have a favorite appliance or gizmo, and it’s not a smart. You can make it smart! Simply plug your coffee machine into the smart switch. Then you can remotely turn it on and off, and in some cases you can even view the power usage that the appliance consumes.

MI Smart Air Conditioning Controller

Buy NowFrom:¥180

Make your air conditioner smart, with the Mi Smart Air Conditioning Control plug! You have the power to control and program your air conditioner right from your phone. With a built in infrared sensor you will be able to view real time temperature information, and what your actual power consumption is. Program and adjust temperatures from your phone according to your schedule and comfort levels.

Mi Bedside Lamp

Buy NowFrom:¥240

Chic, modern and smart! At first glance the lamp may appear simple. However it’s anything but simple! This lamp is smart! It has bluetooth capabilities as well as WIFI. You can program the colour and increase, or decrease the brightness. Choose from different modes, and 16 Million different colour possibilities to suit your every mood, or activity. This lamp also has a built in touch sensor, and can be integrated with other Mi Smart products, like the Mi band smart watch.

Yeetlight LED Bulb (Color)

Buy NowFrom:¥125

There are so many options you can set up with a smart light bulb, and it’s the easiest way to start making your home smart. Program your lights to a sunrise, or sunset hue, or even program them to turn on to a certain colour when your best friend sends you a text.

Mi Air Purifier Pro

Buy NowFrom:¥1455

With air quality becoming more of a concern in heavily populated cities, it’s becoming more of a necessity to have an air purifier in our homes. With the Mi Air Purifier Pro, you can check the air quality of your home in real time using the Mi Home App, and get notifications as to when you need to change the filter. This purifier has 3 different cleaning modes, and also has an OLED display screen that shows you the level of air pollution in micrograms per cubic metre. Within a couple of days of using the purifer pro you will be able to breathe easier, as you will see a reduction in dust, pollen, and pollution. The featured product in our post today is for a home that is 60m². Mi also makes air purifiers for larger homes.
* Mi Air Purifier 2S for 21-37m²
* Mi Air Purifier MAX for 120m²

Smart mi Humidifier

Buy NowFrom:¥525

During the winter months your home can get very dry, and will need some moisture put back into the air. This isn’t a problem for the Smart Mi Humidifier! You will get a notification from the Mi Home App letting you know that the air is too dry. Simply use the app to turn your humidifier. More features of the Smart Mi Humidifier include:
* Removeable 4Litre Water Tank for easy cleaning
* Humidifies 250ml every hour
* Humidifier will automatically turn off when the humidity has been balanced out

Flower Pot

Buy NowFrom:¥130

For those of us who don’t have a green thumb, this flower pot has your name all over it! No need to worry about killing a plant ever again! This smart flower pot will tell you when your plant needs a drink, or to be fertilized. If you would like to use your own flower pots instead there is also a smart solution for you! You can use the smart monitor model.

Mi Robot Vacuum

Buy NowFrom:¥1770

Depending on the type of smart vacuum you purchase you could get a model that mops and sweeps your floors. With the touch of a button on your phone while your at work you can remotely start your vacuum to clean your floors or you can program it to start automatically at a certain time each day. Now that’s convenient!
The featured model on our post today can only vacuum, however Mi makes another smart Vacuum that can do dual duty of sweeping and mopping! RoboRock Vacuum

Mi Motion Sensor

Buy NowFrom:¥75

This smart motion sensor will detect any human or animal movement within 170 degree’s. Once movement has been recognized the in home app will send you a notification. This smart device needs to work with the gateway hub. so that when motion is detected, it will know to turn lights on.

Mi Window & Door Sensor

Buy NowFrom:¥65

Install these smart sensors near your front door, or bedroom, and they will act as an alarm when you are away from home. The gateway hub will start recording if the door has been broken open. You can also use the sensors to control your other smart devices like your lights or airpurfier to perform any action that you have already programmed.

*Note: The Mi window and door sensors needs to be used together with the gateway control hub. They can’t be used independantly.

Mi Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Buy NowFrom:¥65

This sensor is very small and compact, but don’t be fooled by its size, it’s a very powerful and smart device. It can recognize the temperature and humidity levels in a room, and give you real time data on your Mi Home App. You can also program the sensor to set off an alarm and notify you if the temperature isn’t normal, and It also stores historical data so you can monitor your temperature and humidty levels for any given period of time.

*Note: The Mi Temperature & humidity sensor needs to be used together with the gateway control hub, it can’t be used independantly.

Mi Wireless Switch

Buy NowFrom:¥55

This small switch can be very handy! program lights, or any other appliance, or gadget to turn on or off with the press of a button, a click, or even a double click.

*Note:The Mi wireless switchs needs to be used together along with the gateway control hub. It can’t be used independantly.

Mi Gateway Control Hub

Buy NowFrom:¥160

What is a gateway? Essentially it’s a control hub for all of your smart devices to talk to. With the gateway you can do things like:
* Listen to internet radio through the built in speaker.
* Acts as a night light. ( 16 million colours to choose from)
* Presence Sensor.
* Acts as an alarm, and will send you a notification when you aren’t at home.

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