Rewards Points: Earn as you spend

by PandaBoo

Be rewarded for shopping with PandaBoo. Made a purchase? Get points. Written a review? Get points. It’s as simple as that. Your reward points will be automatically added to your wallet under the My Account tab.

What can you spend it on? To help you start spending those points, we have put together a page of A-grade customer returns and old stock at outrageously low prices as an introductory gift to you. From now on we’ll be putting up regular promotions and new ways to earn points so don’t forget to follow our official Pandaboo Wechat.

How to use your Reward Points?

On the checkout page simply: 1. Input the number of reward points you want to use 2. Click “Use Reward Points”  3. Click ” Confirm & Pay”

Note: Reward points cannot be redeemed against shipping costs.

use points

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