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by PandaBoo

PandaBoo offers a wide choice of articles and we believe sometimes you also would like to suggest some amazing products as well to others. Share our products to your friends, colleagues and acquaintances might be difficult, especially if you are a bit shy. But don’t worry, we are here to give you a small encouragement: our affiliate program!

What is PandaBoo Affiliate Program?
PandaBoo Affiliate Program can help you to earn commission by sharing any products on PandaBoo to others.

How to Join PandaBoo Affiliate Program?
Go to Account -> Affiliate account or click here to join. It is FREE! It will be approved automatically. Then you can get started with your affiliate program in a minute.

Create Affiliate Account

How to Earn Commission?
There is a “ Share” button on every product page below “ADD TO CART” or “ORDER & CHECK OUT”. Simply click it to share the article to others on WeChat or other social media.

Share Button
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You will receive commission when others place orders by using the link or QR Code that you shared with them. Not only the specific product you shared with them but you will also get the commision on other items bought together with the suggested article. For example. you share a pen to your friends, your friend signs up and places an order which includes a pen and a mobile phone. You would earn the commission for both the pen and the phone.

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